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DevOps Engineer Bootcamp

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DevOps Engineer Bootcamp in Dallas

The DevOps Engineer training and placement bootcamp for Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex connects you with the knowledge and local employers to advance your career. If you are an IT professional, or have prior IT knowledge and are looking to upskill, this bootcamp can take you to the next level in your career in DevOps or Cloud technologies. Some professionals who can benefit include: Software testers, System admins, DBAs, Programmers, Developers, Engineers, Architects, Product owners, Business analysts, IT managers and recent IT graduates can close the skills gaps often found in degree programs.

Our bootcamp is in high demand and seating is limited. The first step to secure your place in our next session is to reserve your spot for a free 2-hour demo session with our instructors.

Program Benefits
Training is 100% Job Oriented
We bring in world-class Instructors & Speakers

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What Will You Learn?

  • In-depth knowledge of DevOps methodology
  • Implementing Software Version Control
  • Containerizing Code on production using Docke
  • Creating CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins
  • Configuration Management using Puppet and Ansible
  • Automating build and test using Selenium and Maven
  • Container Orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Performance Tuning and Monitoring using ELK