Job Guarantee Policy

Upon successful completion of our Quality Assurance (QA) course, we are excited to offer a job guarantee to our graduates. This guarantee is subject to the following conditions, designed to ensure that all candidates are fully prepared to excel in the QA field. To qualify for the job guarantee, participants must:

1. Daily Study and Progress Submission: Commit to studying for a minimum of two hours every day. Participants are required to submit daily progress reports detailing what they have learned and any challenges they are facing. This ensures continuous learning and allows our instructors to provide necessary support.
2. Weekly Assignments: Complete and submit all assigned homework every week. These assignments are crucial for applying the concepts learned in class and will be graded for completeness and understanding.
3. Pass the Final Test: Successfully pass a comprehensive test at the end of the training program. This test will cover all key areas of the QA course and must be passed with a minimum score (to be determined by the course administrators) to demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter.
4. Clear Mock Interviews: Participate in and clear mock interview sessions. These interviews are designed to simulate real-life job interviews in the QA field, providing participants with valuable feedback on their technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and interview techniques.
Please note that adherence to these conditions is mandatory for eligibility for the job guarantee. Failure to meet any of these requirements may result in ineligibility for the job placement offer. Our goal is to prepare you thoroughly for a successful career in Quality Assurance, and we believe these steps are essential in achieving that outcome.