Learn to Develop a Complete Automation (Project Based Learning Online)

Build a maintainable Selenium Framework - Live Project

  • Choose a programming language
  • Choose a unit test framework
  • Design the framework architecture
  • Build the SeleniumCore component
  • Build the SeleniumTest component
  • Choose a reporting mechanism
  • Maven Dependencies 
  • Push to GitHub/GitLab using Git
  • Decide how to implement CI/CD
  • Integrate your selenium framework with other tools 


- Selenium Java Project from scratch 

- Create Selenium Java scripts 

- Run tests on different browsers

- Chrome, Firefox, IE 

- Find Web Locators

- Setup Page Object Model - POM 

- Use TestNG 

- Use Extent Reports

- Create Data Driven tests (Excel) 

- Do Logging

- Do Exception Handling

- Run tests on Headless Browser

- and much much more...

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Pre-requisite: Must Know One Programming Language